6 Best Jeep Off-Roading Trails in Ontario


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Off-Road Trails for Jeeps near Orillia

If you’ve ever driven a Jeep Wrangler, you still most likely know that it’s an off-road beast designed for the adventurous and outdoor enthusiasts. These drivers are eager to hit the road and get their automobile muddy across Ontario. Great news for all Wrangler aficionados out there is that the province in which we reside has a fantastic assortment of off-road routes to satisfy beginners and the most ardent dirt devil. Explore the best of Ontario with the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep accessories from Mac Lang Orillia.

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SAFETY FIRST: Be aware that not all the following trails are beginner friendly, and some require special equipment, and expertise to navigate completely. We strongly recommend participating in group rides with fellow off-roaders so that you always have assistance, and know what you’re getting into.

Ganaraska Forest & Oak Ridges Trail

Despite the fact that it’s not widely known, Ganaraska Forest is the biggest forest in southern Ontario. The reason you may not have heard as much about it as others, such as Algonquin, is because it’s not a national park; rather, it’s owned by the Ganaraska Conservation Authority. That being said, it’s an excellent starting point for anybody wishing to take a day excursion outside of the city. It’s about an hour east of Toronto and has tracks suitable for everything from an ATV to a Jeep Wrangler.

Location: 1.5 hour drive from Orillia (135km)

Concession Lake Trail

When it comes to hitting the trails, the folks of Peterborough are well-versed. Concession Lake Track is a 20-kilometer off-road trail that provides dips, dives, and thrills without detracting from the scenic views that are a must-see for any off-roader. This is an excellent location for getting your Wrangler dirty.

Location: 1.5 hour drive from Orillia (103km)

Raglan Pits

Whenever you speak to local off-road enthusiasts, they rave about the sandpits and forest trails perfect for your Jeep or off-road vehicle. Given its close proximity, wide range, and local off-road community, Raglan Pits is a must-visit on any top off-roading list in Ontario. 

Location: 1.0 hour drive from Orillia (89.7km)

Ahmic Lake Trail

The Ahmic Lake Track is 42 kilometres of twisting, rolling, ripping fun. It’s a multi-medium off-road trail with gravel, dirt, muck, and beauty. This one is a safe pick for the novice driver, since there is nothing on the track that might be interpreted as death-defying. The trails themselves are 42 kilometres long, so you’ll have plenty of room to explore and discover what your 4×4 can accomplish.

Location: 2.0 hour drive from Orillia (161km)

California Road Trail

Not one for the faint of heart, the California Road Trail has a wealth of tracks, but be warned: some aren’t maintained and can be dangerous. It is suggested that only experienced offroad drivers utilize them. The landscape here provides the kind of range that any off-road enthusiasts would appreciate. The real sting is that the trails aren’t kept up.

Location: 4.0 hour drive from Orillia (320km)

Lingham Lake

Located past highway 62 heading east, Lingham Lake is a great location for intense off-roading where you’re more than likely to find other Jeep enthusiasts on the trails with you. While located a considerable drive from Orillia, the area is rich with captivating trails and features like Johnsons Hole that make this a must-visit.

Location: 3.0 hour drive from Orillia (215km)

Other Local Areas

There are other lesser-known trails for taking your Jeep off-roading by Orillia. Some areas are less maintained than others, but are more well-known in the greater Wrangler/Jeep off-roading community. Local locations include areas by Swift Rapids, Algonquin Park, and more.

Explore all of Ontario with the off-road power found only in a Jeep Wrangler. Find and test drive your next Wrangler right here at Mac Lang Orillia, your premier Jeep dealership in the Orillia, and Highway 40 area. Visit our location for your Jeep sales, service, Jeep customization and accessories for your next off-road adventure.