Do you Need Help?

Name:  Fill out your full name as it appears on your drivers license.

Date of Birth: Your Birthday.

Marital Status:  Some banks require this information. If unsure choose single.

Address:  Full address including postal code of all places you have lived in the past two years.

Housing:  Do you own your home or rent? Do you have a mortgage? Basically, we need to know who you pay each month and how much you pay them. If you have a mortgage we also need to know how much your house is worth (approximately) and how much you have left owing on it.

Employment: We need to know where you have been working and what your occupation is for the last two years. We need full address and phone number  for each employer.

Gross Income: We need to know your gross income before tax from your employment and any other sources of income you may have such as rental property, pension income, wsib payments or disability payments.

Sin number: Please leave this blank. We usually don’t need it unless the lenders are having trouble identifying you. If that is the case, we will let you know

If you are unsure about any of this you can always call our finance office during business hours for assistance. 1-888-529-5971

What happens to my Credit Application after I hit submit?

Once you submit your information it is sent electronically from our website to our finance office using the dealer track portal.  One of our finance managers will review the application for completeness and forward it to one or more of our banking partners for review. If more information or clarification is needed we may have to contact you so please leave your contact information.   Sales people at our dealership do not have access to credit information and no one at this dealership has access to your credit bureau report.   We are partnered with several major banks, sub-prime finance sources and leasing companies to provide you with the best possible fit.

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