Detailing Packages

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Mac Lang Orillia aims to make every shine brighter than the sun! We proudly provide six detailing packages, each climbing in thoroughness and brilliance. Start with our Copper foundational package, and as you move up the ranks, witness the increasing value and outstanding services we offer.

Our commitment is to ensure your vehicle leaves our shop in show condition. Uncover our packages below to discover how we make every subsequent choice even more exceptional. Your car's ultimate transformation is just a choice away!

Copper Package

Kickstart your vehicle's rejuvenation with our basic Copper Package. We treat your car to a thorough wash and ensure it's dried meticulously with a chamois to give it that initial gleam.

Bronze Package

Upgrade with the Bronze! Building upon the Copper, this package brings the inside of your car to life. Benefit from an interior vacuum, a wipe down of the dash, console, and door panels, and a sparkling clean for interior and exterior windows.

Silver Package

Elevate to the Silver standard. All the features of the Bronze are enhanced with a comprehensive dressing for your vehicle's interior and exterior, capped off with a tire dressing for that road-ready shine.

Gold Package

Go for the Gold and feel the difference! This package includes all the benefits of the Silver and then some! Your engine will look refreshed with a shampoo, and those rims will shine like new after an acid clean.

Sapphire Package

Dive deep into luxury with our Sapphire Package. On top of the Gold offerings, indulge your vehicle with a professional-grade polish and wax. See and feel the luxurious touch that ensures your car always stands out.

Diamond Package

The epitome of car care, our Diamond Package is the crown jewel. It includes all the features of the Sapphire but takes it a notch higher with a thorough shampoo and drying for carpets and floor mats. It's not just detailing; it's an experience in luxury.

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